Monday, April 30, 2012

Scheduling A.D.D.

While I'm usually fairly on top of things, I do have the occasional "scheduling A.D.D." moment where I just can't keep up with what is going on.  Usually it's something that is a short term class that one of the kids has that is thrown in the middle of my already hectic cab service.

And I get into the groove of the normal day and forget the extra added bonus shuttle trip of moving  kids and a husband to and from various locations.

And usually I catch myself before one of the other kids...or worse yet...another adult...notices that I'm not quite as together as I appear to be.

And I hate that.

Especially when I've done the same thing two weeks in a row.  And if I *did* something like that, it would probably include sitting in a car rider line for 30 minutes and holding up the line waiting for Owen to get into the car.  And then having the monitoring teacher knock on my window and tell me that Owen was in robotics until 5.  And then having the same scenario happen the next week.

Not that something like that would ever happen.


This week that is!


/go scheduling A.D.D.  :p