Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I Wouldn't Give For A...

If you could indulge yourself in ONE thing, one person to make your life easier (or just to get rid of a chore that you absolutely despise), what would it be?

For me, I would totally have a personal chef. 

I hate to cook.  HATE IT.

I do it but more like I fix foods.  My family is so freaking picky that it takes any recipe that I find that I may like and makes it that much more difficult to make.

So I just don't. 

And I don't enjoy cooking anyway so having picky people to cook for makes it even worse.

And Ken hates to cook worse than I do.  Okay.  He can't cook.  But I love it when he does. 

Cause I know I'm going out to dinner and I don't have to cook for another night.

So if you were living in the land of unicorns and rainbows (otherwise known as la la land), what is the one chore that you would pay someone to do for you?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Colorful...So Pretty

I love colors.

Seriously.  I love to match colors.  Actually, if colors don't match, it drives me crazy.

They must be in the same hue or be complementing colors. 

If you have ever been to my house, you may have noticed that my kitchen is very colorful.  I have my grandmother's fiesta ware plates on the wall from the 1940's.  I used that to pull all of the colors from in my middle floor.  Everything matches and pulls from there.

I love the color wheel.  Seriously.  I love it!

So when I'm out and about and see things that have great color or have great contrasting color, I can't help but take a picture.

A few colorful pictures to enjoy!

I hope that you have a colorful day!  And totally in a good way.  ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Exacting Revenge

I heard Owen and Shane talking in the car the other day about a grudge match that Owen challenged Henry to at camp.

Apparently, if you do something to someone else at camp, the offender can be challenged by the offended to a grudge match in order to exact his revenge.  The grudge match takes place in the mess hall.

Owen was mad at Henry so he challenged him to a grudge match.

The offense?  Henry walked in on Owen when he was naked and changing clothes.

The challenge?  A burping contest.

The outcome?  Henry defaulted the match and said he couldn't do it.

The winner?  Owen

What did he win?  Bragging rights to say the got revenge on Henry and won the grudge match.

Boys.  Sheesh.  I don't think that I want to hear about any of the other grudge matches.  I can only imagine!


Winner, winner, chicken dinner...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Creepy But Cool

Saw this spider in the lillies in my yard.

Creepy but in a cool way.  :up:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mabry Mill

Happy Fourth of July America!

We spent the Fourth of July in Fancy Gap Virginia off the Blue Ridge Parkway with our college friends.  We took a side trip to see the Mabry Mill

Enjoy the photos!

Aw.  My favorite picture!  Tabby and Scott are getting married in May.  This is a perfect save-the-date picture, don't you think?  :)

Gear shifts make it work.  :)

About the Mill:


The Blue Ridge Parkway is AWESOME.  Seriously.  There are so many photographic opportunities.  I've been wanting to go to the Mill for a while.  What an awesome day.  :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mary Maykenisms

Owen:  Where did I leave the camera?  I can't find it.

Mary Mayken:  I don't know.  You left it wherever you left it.



Mary Mayken:  Here's my letter to Shane at camp.

Aunt Kem:  AWESOME.  What exactly does it say?

Mary Mayken:  I don't know Aunt Kem.  I can't read.

I mean, duh!


Mary Mayken:  Pointing at her toes, "Look, Aunt Kem, I don't have anymore color."

Me:  I'll paint them for you later.

Mary Mayken:  No.  That's okay.  I'll just get a pedicure.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Picture of the Day

I've taken so many pictures the last couple of weeks.  It's hard to pick a favorite one but this one stands out.  I shot it at the Floyd Fandango Beer and Wine Festival off of the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend.

Look closely at the little girl's feet.  She has two different colored crocs on. 

So sweet.  So innocent.  :heart:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome to South Cakalacky

Welcome to South Cakalacky.

Look closely.  I'm pretty sure that he lost the rock, paper, scissors, shoot.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Camping Fun

Two weekends ago, I dropped the boys off at Camp Carolina for their first overnight away camping experience.  It's located in Brevard, NC in a beautiful setting in the mountains.  I'm hoping that they get to experience things that they usually don't get to do.

We've been able to follow their adventures on facebook and through the camp's photo blog and from reports from their counselors and a few letters from the boys themselves.  So far, they've been able to try White Water Rafting, overnight camping, went sliding down Sliding Rock and a whole host of other camp related stuff.

Owen was too happy to pose in front of his cabin.

Shane...not so much.  But he did let me take a self portrait pic when none of the other boys were looking.

As soon as Owen saw the lake toys, he was all about getting down there.

The lifeguard suggested that he start out on the small diving board, move to the big diving board and then tackle the trampoline.

Owen said no way.  He had his sights on the trampoline.

The only way we could keep up with him was because he had his swimsuit on backwards.  See it?  Teehee.  He knew it (because I told him at the cabin) but didn't care.  He had one goal and that was getting down to the trampoline.

Owen's last day is tomorrow.  Shane in a few weeks.  I hope that they're having a blast!