Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All In

It's really interesting when you read your kids facebook/blogs/emails, etc to see what they have to say.  It gives a lot of insight into what goes on in their minds.  Sometimes it's a good thing because they're writing normal kid stuff and others times, you get an eye full and you wish that you could unread what you've seen.

There are some things that you read that make you realize that your kids are growing up and they are far more knowledgable than you realize.  And mature.

As I mentioned, Owen got an instagram account.  It's a site that allows you to upload photos and your followers can comment on them.  Many times, it becomes a running dialogue between people.  And THAT is what gives you insight into their minds.

I read through this and said "wow" on so many levels. 

First, I was a little surprised that he reposted this tweet.  I know that he's very aware of the issue so I shouldn't be because Ken and I are open minded about gay marriage and have no tolerence for gay bashing and we have made that perfectly clear to the boys.  Ken in particular is very passionate about this issue and makes no apologies to anyone about it.  I don't either but I don't go looking for an argument the way he does.  And even at 13, Shane has been known to get into verbal battles with his friends at school over this issue and has told them to basically shove it.  Many times, he's provoked the argument.

But Owen is more like me.  He has his opinions but doesn't really like to get into debates about controversial current events.  Especially with stupid people who obviously don't want to discuss anything but just want to ram their opinion down your throat.  Neither of us are interested in dealing with that.

So when I saw this, I was surprised because he didn't shy away from the debate.  In fact,  he's not letting it go.  Well.  That part shouldn't surprise me because once he's decided that he's in for an argument, he's ALL in.

But, he's going against his good friend.  Which for him, right now, he's a little more consciencous of what his peers think of him than he has in the past.  You know.  He's a middle schooler.  Ugh.

I'm really proud of him for standing up for what he thinks.  As a parent, that's all that you can ask for.

But really.  When did my guinea piggy loving 10 year old become a teenager who discusses these types of topics.

I guess at the same time he decided that he cared what he wore and that his clothes actually matched.

Ugh and yay all in the same sentence.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting the What Not

This could have been me or Susan about 25 years ago.

Getting the whatnot from Nanny.

Sorry girl.  I do feel your pain but better you than me. 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Because I Said So!

Owen and his pain in the ass sidekick Sheldon are on a campaign to get a dog.

Because their RELENTLESS campaign to get stupid guinea pigs worked. 

Written report complete with a bribe.  They also had a poster board.  :D

My car was decorated with their thoughts.

Written report.  Complete with smiley faces.  :/

Owen *was* really excited to get his piggies.  He sent Sheldon a note at camp.

Just so you know, he named his piggies Peace and Harmony.

At the vet to check them out after we got them.  Who the hell takes guinea pigs to the vet?  Oh yeah.  I do.  Because my friend's daughter works at the pet store who sold them to us and she insisted that they had to be checked out.  As soon as the boys heard that, they were relentless (seems like a theme) that we take them.  The vet bill was more expensive than the piggies.  Meh.

 So now, those little stinkers are on a crusade to get a dog.  Owen has an instagram account where I saw that Sheldon had put a comment on a picture of his stupid piggies and asked whether she had started the report for a dog yet.

Ugh.  I knew *exactly* what that meant for me when I read it.

Then I came across his report.  It's a work in progress but I thought that I'd put up at least one page that succinctly summarizes his arguments.

First of all, I can't stop focusing on his use of the word "there" instead of "they're".  I mean, it's cute and all but I can't stop twitching every time I read the next bullet point.

Okay.  I can admit that #10 is really cute.

But I can counter his bullet point #11 with my very own list.

It will be numbers 1-100 and every single one of them will be...because I said so.

And I mean it this time.

They should have gone with the dog when I gave them a choice between a dog, a cat or piggies.

I love dogs but not enough to put myself though taking care of a dog.  For the next 15 years.  Because I'm sure that they'll take care of the dog with no arguments just like they do the piggies.  Not.

Yeah.  No thanks!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Introducing Daisy Duke

Everyone needs a Daisy Duke.  She's such a happy, smiley doggy. 
She has her favorite toy.  As she should.  :)
And she has her BFF.  As she should.  :)

Oh.  She's naughty too.  As are most doggies.  You probably shouldn't let her kiss your face.  I'm just saying.  :)

But everyone needs a Daisy Duke.

Well.  Everyone but us.  I'm quite content to just come and visit the farm and see her.  Owen and Sheldon are on a mission to get Owen a dog.

That campaign may have worked with the guinea pigs but I'm NOT getting a dog. 

You can take that to the bank baby.

We will be happy to visit Daisy Duke and her friends Jack Bo, Maggie Moo and Scooty Pooty whenever the kids want.  :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


A while back, we took the boys to brunch at the Sunken Well Tavern.

It's a local restaurant that is off the beaten path downtown.  They have the best brunch in town.

When they tell you that the pancake is big, they mean it. 

Shane ordered it and said that he could finish the entire pancake.  He bet Ken $20 that he could and he was not going to back down from that.

Well.  He almost did.  He tried so hard.  He really did.  He couldn't eat the last four bites.

Owen was more than happy to step in and help.  :)

Shane cried "uncle".  LOL

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Color Me...A Mess

Owen hates to run.


But he digs his friends.  So when his friend Ky asked him to run the Color Me Rad run in Richmond a few months ago, he was all in.

They had a blast.


Their clothes were white when they started the race.  :D
I guess if all running ended up getting blasted with a bunch of colors, and he could do it with his friend, he'd like to run.

But I doubt it.  LOL.