Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nailed It!

A few months ago (okay, almost five months...but whose counting?), I went out of town for a tennis tournament.  It also happened to be the weekend before my birthday.

When I got back, I found a plate of cupcakes that the boys and Ken had made for me for my birthday.

So sweet!

I never saw what the original version was that they were trying to model the cupcakes after.  But they totally NAILED IT!

I love them!

Both the cupcakes AND especially my family

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Owen isn't afraid to let you know what he thinks.

And apparently he doesn't think much of either spelling or math.

And he let his teacher know about it via an emoticom on his papers. 


So funny.

Well.  It would be funny if a) he only did it in this way and b) if he weren't exactly like me.

Paybacks.  Oh sweet paybacks. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So NOT A Fan of the Hallmark Holiday!

I would say Happy Hallmark Holiday.

Cause I hate this holiday.

But I won't say it because I didn't get a Hallmark card.


I got two awesome homemade cards that I truly LOVE!

From Shane:

 I love that kid.  And I had to hold the heart down because he made it spring off the page.  BOING!  :)

From Owen:

It's a picture of me and him.  

 Aw.  I love you too, Owen!

So not a fan of Hallmark holidays.

But I sure AM a fan of homemade card holidays!

Woot!  Woot!

Happy Valentines Day.  :heart:

Monday, February 13, 2012

All District Band

Shane plays the base clarinet.  He tried out for all county band back in the fall.  Unfortunately, he wasn't selected to play.

He was unhappy that he didn't make it so he worked extra hard over the winter on his scales.  He brought his instrument home every weekend and practiced it.

It paid off.

He tried out for All District Band and was selected as first chair in the concert band.

He selected his outfit.  I wish I had gotten a picture of his kelly green Chuck Taylors.  :p

We're still working on the whole tie thing.  And yes.  I realize that he has on a tuxedo shirt with a regular tie.  Again.  His choice. 

I took some video of the song that they played in tribute to Looney Toons.  Enjoy!

Good job Shane! The kids sounded awesome!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Student of the Month

Owen received an award for being Student of the Month.  The award ceremony was last week. 

The school makes a big deal of it and the parents donate breakfast items for a breakfast feast for the kids and their families.

They award a SOTM from every classroom each month.  Owen received the award for "courage".

The coolest thing is that they have the child's classmates write a letter to the child to explain why "they" think the child represents the word of the month that they were chosen for.

And I was really surprised to see how Owen's friends really, really know him.

Owen definitely stands up to bullies.  Nothing makes him madder than to see someone getting mistreated especially for no good reason.

A few days after the awards ceremony, I had a conversation with the school vice principal.  He said that there was a bullying incident in their classroom.  He said that three of Owen's friends were picking on another child and Owen stood up to them and told them to knock it off.

I love that!  And I love that his friends recognize that about him.  :)

And oh yeah.  Owen's definitely his own little person.  He really doesn't care what other people think.  And I love that his friends know that about him!

Okay.  This one was a little surprising.  If Owen is the one helping with spelling, that child must be a really, really bad speller. It's okay.  It's genetic.  His dad can't spel correctly either.  :p

Football is a running theme in almost everyone's writings.  :p

Owen picks up trash?  Really?  I wish he would do that at home!  And I wonder how that shows courage?  Too funny!  But I do love the fact that they drew a football as the picture!  :)

This one almost made me cry.  How sweet is this?  Owen is an awesome "dood" and has the "power of a king."  Aw.  Love!

Again.  Nailed it!

"Owen is not afraid to stand out."  You go that right!  :p teehee!

His friend Emily really knows Owen.  He is OBSESSED with narwals, cows udders (don't ask) and football.  Apparently he doesn't reserve those obsessions for home.  Teehee

Again.  More football obsession.  I love this picture!  It's the best!  :)

He's obsessed.  OBSESSED with football.  Just about every single child said something about football.  

We are super proud of Owen.  And his friends.  For 9 year olds, they are very perspective and they totally nailed his personality.

Friday, February 10, 2012

How You Clean Out A Backpack

Owen's idea about how to clean out a backpack is VERY different from "my" idea of how to clean out a backpack.

His idea.

1.  Dump contents out of backpack.
2.  Leave there for mom to clean up.

Definitely doesn't jive with my idea of how to clean out a backpack!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Key West or Bust

Back in early December, Ken said that he wanted to get out of town for a few days.  I thought he was just saying that off the cuff but no.  He meant it.

He booked a room at the Orchid Key Inn in Key West a week before Christmas and booked the flights to get there. 

When he said he was ready to go somewhere, he meant it.  We just have two different methods of getting on the plane.  Me: old school.  Him...all cool like.  :p

And yes.  I know that was months ago but it's taken me about that long to get myself back together.  Key West does that to you!  Here are some of my favorite pics from the trip.

The only way to do Key West properly.  :)

Must visit the Hogs Breath Saloon.

And Sloppy Joe's Bar.

And Capt. Tony's Saloon for sure!

Cause it's so tastefully decorated!

And you must go to Mallory Square for sure.

And watch the street artists perform.

And catch a sunset while drinking a margarita.  For sure!

With a handsome guy.

Where else would you see a rooster, a thing of kitty liter and a bag of chips?  No where, that's where!

You have to bike to the end of Route 1.  And not fall off you bike.  You MUST do that.

And since you're there, stop by the Green Parrot Bar for a drink.  I mean it *is* 5:00 somewhere.  Even if it's only 10:39 am in Key West.

And then you must visit Ernest Hemingway's House.  I took so many pictures there, I will do a separate post on that one!

And then peddle your little self down to the southern most point of the United States of America.

And take your gratuitous tourist photo of the 90 miles to Cuba sign!

No better place to celebrate Christmas than Key West, FL!

Even Santa and Frosty were digging it.

And then stop by the Southernmost Bar for a drink.  Of course.  It *is* Key West after all!

Action shot!

Scoot over!

Best way to motor around Key West.  By far!

The essentials in my basket.  Because you MUST have a basket!

Love the view!

If you are too tired (read: lazy) to peddle the bike yourself, you could hail a rickshaw driver.  :p

Leaving you with the perfect Key West experience!  :)

Key West was a total blast!  I can't wait to go back and visit it again.  :)