Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dance Like Noone's Watching

Dance like no one's watching.

Dance like you are Mikhail Baryshnikov. Because in your mind, you are.

And if you're not, who cares?

Owen told Ken that he had the moves. Apparently he does. And if he doesn't, he really doesn't care. :p

God I love that kid. :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Apology...Kid Style!

I've been cleaning up the backroom. No snarky comments necessary!

So I have a pile of things (shocking!) that I have set aside to scan in for the blog. I found this little gem from Shane. I'm not sure what he did (probably sassying me and I sent him to his room) but I love the apology note.

Note he dated it.

He wanted Owen to shut his yap. lol

Note I accepted his apology (with a smiley).

I love how he made me into a figure on the TO: Mom. The funny part is that he put me in a dress. That's probably the only time I wore a dress in 2009. :p

He really tried to lay it on by saying "thank you" in advance of the answer....adding a smiley face definitely helped I'm sure!

This is a keeper for sure! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Make Shane

I was in the kitchen yesterday afternoon and Shane came down and asked me if he could sell something on ebay. He completed the question with the fact that you could sell anything on ebay.

I asked him what he wanted to sell and his response was his extra bed from his room.

When I asked him why in the world he wanted to sell his bed for his first response was that he wanted more space in his room because it's too crowded.

Ken piped up and said that he could rememdy that by cleaning up his room. :rolleyes:

He said no (shocking!) and then made up some other lame excuse which Ken responded that it wasn't even his bed to sell anyway.

When we finally got out the real reason that he wanted to sell it, it is because he wants to buy a TV for his room. :rolleyes:


I told him that if he wanted to earn some extra money, I have lots of chores and things that he can do around the house to earn the money rather than selling off our property.

Aside from the fact that he wasn't getting a TV in his room regardless if he sold off his bed on ebay and bought one.

Which he wasn't going to because it wasn't his property to sell.

He rolled his eyes at me and walked off in a big ol' huff. :-|

Ken and I just sat there and looked at each other. :confused:

Man. Good thing that child is smart because he's already trying to figure out how to do the least amount of work as possible to achieve his goals. :-|

Good lord. I only hope he uses his brains for good and not evil.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Meanwhile, Down at the Farm

The boys, being the quintessential city mice, love to visit their country mouse cousins at their farm. They can't wait to get down there so they can go and collect the chicken's eggs and play with the little baby chicks.

Mary Mayken and her favorite chick.

"I will love him and SQUEEZE him and call him Georgie..."

"She's so cuuuuutttteeee, mommy!"

You can't collect eggs without having a basket. Or you favorite stuffed "hossey."

I'm sure that the chicks loved to play in the sandbox. Oh well. It entertained the kids for about 4 minutes exactly. :p

Owen really didn't believe us when we told him that the rooster was mean. Even when we pointed out how fast the rooster could haul a&* across the yard. The "rooster beater" stick wasn't enough to convince him either. He got lucky that's all I'll say. I'm sure that he'll get taught a lesson before it's all over and done.

I also took some videos of them trying to get the chicken's in the hen house at night. Unfortunately I took them sideways and I can't figure out how to flip them. Just flip your computer monitor. It's easier than figuring it out! :p

The boys had a great time but apparently, they do need some work on their chicken wrangling skills.

Friday, May 21, 2010

An Elvis Sighting

Shane sings in his school's chorus program. They have a concert for the parents in the spring. The music teacher did a medley of fun, popular music from the 1950's to the 1980's. This time, he got to do a solo performance and he rocked it. :)

Who knew that Elvis rocked a mullet? :p

I was really proud of him for even going out for the solo. That is really stepping out of his comfort zone but I thought that he did a great job. :up:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Different Perspective

My perspective of clean and those people's perspective is completely different.

And I'm not referring to "mommy clean" vs. "daddy clean." The boys always view "daddy clean" as the way to go. And yes, that does include daddy too!

But nope. I'm not talking about things being clean per se. I'm referring to WHY they should clean up after themselves.

Tucking Owen into bed last night, I told him that his room was getting a little out of control with his toys all over the place. I told him that he needed to pick them up and put them away.

Very sweetly, he said "But why, mommy? It's proof that I'm playing with my toys at least."

Well. That's true. I am happy that he's playing with his stuff. I guess you can't argue with that logic!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Visit From the Toothless Fairy

We have had a momentus occasion in our household. It's one that every child looks forward to. We have lost our first tooth. And by "we," I mean "Owen."

Yes. That's right he has lost his first baby tooth. He's not a baby anymore. He has been trying to get that wiggly tooth out for the last two weeks. He tried to suck Aunt Susan and then Uncle Wilson into helping him. It was a no-go.

When that didn't work, he got Sheldon to help. I heard them upstairs trying to get it out. It went something like this:

"Be still, Owen, so I can get it out."


"Aunt Kem, they're being MEAN to me!"

"Shane, stop telling us what to do!"

And so it went on but they still couldn't get it out.

So this weekend, while eating his pizza, Owen exclaims that he's lost his tooth. He was really excited to show me the hole in his mouth that he intends to shove a piece of corn through.


Then I ask him where the tooth is.

He says he doesn't know.

Then he says he remembers and goes over to his plate and picks up his tooth and puts it in my hand.

I took a look at it.

Only it wasn't a tooth. It was a crusted up piece of cheese and bread from the pizza. :-|

Only Owen. :rolleyes:

Then I had to listen to Shane lecture Owen about keeping up with his tooth and then petition me (out of Owen's ear shot) as to why he doesn't deserve to get anything from the Toothless Fairy. :?

(Yes. I'm referring to it as the Toothless Fairy. Because I don't have his tooth to leave for the Fairy.)

We still have no idea where his tooth is. I have a suspicion and I don't intend on looking for it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Has The World Gone Mad?


Is anyone out there?

Doesn't anyone care that was an oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20th and there has been and continues to be approximately 210,000 gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf A DAY?


Where in the hell was the government oversight? We have all of these regulations into place (supposeably) to make sure that these things don't happen.

And now that it has happened, what is the government doing to push BP to contain it?

And where was BP's safety measures to prevent this from even occuring in the first place? Are we so focused on making the dollar that we have thrown out good common senses?

Folks, if our water supply is tainted, we are screwed as a society. SCREWED.

Even George Washington has the foresight back in the 1700's as a young man to outlaw pigs being in the river because it was the people's water suply and he knew that if they got into the water and dirtied it up, it would be undrinkable and the people would be in a heap of trouble.

People better wake up and realize that everything comes with a price and the price of being apathetic and uneducated about things is what is going to be this country's downfall.

There are so many people, corporations and government entities at fault here. Stop playing the blame game and get the oil spill stopped. Now.

Ken said it best. This is what happens when you allow the fox to guard the chicken house. (Anyone remember Halliburton Inc. and Dick Cheney's connection? Yeah. They're involved.)

Seriously. The American people deserve better than this.

And for our part, we need to be discussing these issues instead of worry about Jon and Kate Makes 8, who is he dating now or how her hair was fixed on DWTS.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A ROUGH Sport!

Whoever said that the boys should play tennis because it's not a rough, dangerous sport had no idea what they were talking about.

$300 later, Shane's front tooth is once again looking like a front tooth that didn't get into, and lose, a fight with his OWN tennis racket.

Apparently he was swinging for the fences and missed everything but his front tooth. :/

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Punch Buggy, No Punch Back

You know the game.

You've been the receiving end of the spying of a punch buggy and no doubt, you've exacted revenge on someone by spotting one of those little cars. Usually with your knuckle out a little further than the rest of your fingers because it hurts more.

Okay. Maybe that's me.

But it's because I'm tired of being punched by my children every time they see a stupid VW Beetle.

And now Shane is even doing it when he sees a PT Cruiser. He yells "PT Cruiser Bruiser" and punches the crap out of me usually because he's sitting in the front seat of the car beside me and I'm the closest person to him.

They have become obsessed with this game. OBSESSED and it's driving me CRAZY.

The worst part is that they (Owen more Shane) is making up his own rules and adding way more punches than he's technically allowed by the rules.

For example, if he sees a convertible punch buggy, he will hit you not once but twice. TWICE. And when we call him out on it, he gets mad (surprise) and argues that it's part of the rules.

Even Ken has gotten into it with him about the rules and when you can and can't punch someone. It usually goes like this:

"No, Owen, you can't punch EVERYONE in the car. Just one punch per punch buggy!"




Me: :-|

And yes, I get that it's ironic because I drive a punch buggy.

Owen punches me when he hasn't seen one in a while and he calls OUR punch buggy. Then he yells that it's a convertible and punches me again. Rinse, Repeat the above argument.

Me: :-|

But, don't worry. I get my licks in too when I see one first. And now I'm trying to find them because I'm tired of being a punching bag. Poor Shane. He's always the bearer of the punch because he's usually sitting beside me.

I never really considered that my car would instigate so many fights among kids. I was in the car rider line the other day at the school and I see two kids fighting.

As they get closer, I hear them fighting about the punch buggy. Apparently one of the kids saw it and punched their brother, who was not too pleased about it and punched his sister back.

Which, as you know, is against the rules. The game *is* called Punch Buggy, NO PUNCH BACK!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Nothing says "spring has sprung" quite like Tulips in full bloom! I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! :)

I hope that you found a new desktop picture, SA! :)