Friday, April 29, 2011

Got Them Good!

The best part about spring break is having to take the boys with me to the grocery store.


Before it as because they would cram their bodies underneath the cart and stick things into the cart while I wasn't looking.  And then protest loudly when I chastised them for being bad.  :/

Then it went from Shane wandering off to Owen becoming his accomplice and wandering off with him.

And they did not disappoint this time either. 


I saw them go down one of the isles (but they didn't see me.)  So I decided to go ahead and check out and asked the employee at the front to call Shane and Owen to the front of the store on the intercom and tell them that they are in big, big, big trouble.

And he did.

He announced that Shane and Owen should come to the front of the store.  AND THEIR MOTHER WAS WAITING ON THEM.

They were mortified and thoroughly embarrassed.  Especially Shane.


I got them good this time.

Little twits. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Celebrating Holidays

(\ /)
( . .)
c(”)(") Hoppy Easter!  ♥
Today *is* a holiday to celebrate.

Unlike the "national holiday" on April 20th that Shane was gleefully telling me about the other day.

In case you're not in the know, 4/20 is a "national holiday" to celebrate weed.

That's right.  Happy Pot Day.

According to Shane, all the kids in his school were celebrating it.  :-|

It even has it's own symbol.  You hold a "cigarette" to your lips and puff away.

And then I overheard Shane telling Owen about it being a national holiday.  :-|

Then Owen came and asked me what holiday it was so he could tell his teacher tomorrow.  Because they didn't celebrate it at his school.  :-|


Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Latest Battle

The newest battle with Shane revolves around him wanting to go to the mall.

I know it's not uncommon for teenagers to want to go to the mall and hang out with their friends.  I get that.

But a) he's not a teenager and b) where in the hell did this come from?

A few days ago, he asked me if I would drive him and his friend to the mall so that they could hang out - unsupervised.  Well, actually, he sent Owen to ask me first.  And when I said no, Shane came and pleaded his case.  Trying a different approach than his brother used, of course.

And his approach didn't work either.  ;)

After I said no, he has been relentless in asking me.   He said that they just want to walk around the mall and "hang out like boys our age do."

But I said no.  I see no reason for an 11 year old to hang out at the mall unsupervised.  Especially since I have no way of getting in touch with him.

Of course, when I pointed that our, he seized upon the opportunity to ask us for a phone again.  :/

Maybe I'm just mean.  Maybe I'm too strict.  So what say you?  Should Shane be allowed to hang out at the mall with his friend unsupervised?

Ugh.  So not ready for this chapter.  :/

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"The" Phone Call

If you have a child in school, I know that you can totally relate to this post.  It's because all of our children are brain dead and they would forget their heads if it weren't attached.

And who is there to bring them their heads?  Mom, of course.

And the morning always starts out the same way.

Me:  Shane, did you get your stuff together last night like I told you?  (Knowing he didn't because I see his stuff scattered all over the place.)

Shane:  I'll do it in a minute.

Me:  Shane, it's 7:00.  You still have to get dressed, get breakfast and get your stuff together.  (I have basically given up on him doing the extra things that I asked him to do at this point.)


Me:  :-|

Me:  It's 7:25 Shane.  You haven't eaten nor gotten your stuff together.  You have 15 minutes before the bus comes.

Shane:  Rolls his stupid eyes at me.  :rollseyes:

Shane:  Finally starts getting his stuff together and it's one minute until the bus comes.

Me:  Groan.

Owen:  You know you're going to get "the call" mom.

Me:  I know.  :/

8:40 the phone rings....

Shane: forgot my (fill in the blank), can you please bring it to me?

Me:  Shocking.  What time do you need it?

Shane:  at 9:00.

Me:  :-|

Owen:  Shane sucks.  :p

So today comes and I'm pretty sure I'm living in Ground Hogs Day.  Except today I see his instrument (usually the offending item left) and decide to run it over to the school after I dropped off Owen at school. 

I walk into the office and Shane is there on the phone at the counter.

And the secretaries see me but he doesn't.

And I walked up to him and said " forgot your instrument."


And before I gave it to him, I made him kiss both of my cheeks and I told him that the next time I was going to come to lunch with him.

The office personnel were cracking up because they have been pulled into my revenge with him numerous times and have given him the stink eye when I'm not able to give it to him myself.

But making him kiss me on the cheek in front of EVERYONE was much more effective than giving him the stink eye.  :up: 

Because obviously the stink eye isn't working.  :-|

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flipping It Back and Reversing It

How shall I spend my day today?


There's so much to do.  Bills to be paid.  Groceries to be bought and laundry to be done.

Eh.  That stuff can wait an hour.  Cause I'm going to cardio tennis and get a workout.

It was fun!  Fun up until the last two minutes when my BSF went running for a ball and pulled up lame.  She heard a POP! and then she could barely walk.

So, let's flip it back and reverse it.  My day that is.

After Bob and I literally carried her out to my car, the next stop was the Stafford County ER.

I'm not sure whose she's texting since I'm sitting right here.  I didn't give her permission to have other friends!!!

Time in...

Her precious injured footie...

Now we know where the emoticoms came from.  Meh.  ;)

Texting with her daughter Natalie to find a ride home from school since she couldn't pick her up.  Well.  That was after she responded to Nat that I was with her so she was fine to get home.  Um.  No.  Nat was asking if she needed to get a ride home not if Donna needed a ride.  Donna's kinda dingy.  Nat neither has a car nor drives.  lol

Luckily, Nat's nice friend Ashley was able to take her home.  :)  Yay for good friends!


Donna said that she was in meh pain.  :-|

Awesome!  Time to go.

Syke! Fooled ya!  Waiting for more stoopid paperwork. 

Get it sista!

But at least lunch provided some entertainment!  It was a food challenge at Family Pizzeria.

Pretty sure that the two guys taking the challenge didn't make it halfway through before quitting.  Especially because the owner said that he'd seen girls eat faster and more than they did.  lol

So yeah.  That's how I spent the day with my BSF.  Not really how I envisioned the day going.  :(

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sneaking Around

It's started.

I knew it was bound to happen.  But is anyone every prepared for it?

If you've survived teenagers (or you were once a teenager yourself) you know what it is.  It is being sneaky.  It starts when they're younger and they tell little lies.  Then it grows bolder and they intentionally hide stuff and try to get away with stuff.

And, folks, that's where we are at today.  :-|

Ken was looking on his Netflix account and noticed that "someone" had ordered Jersey Shores and it wasn't him.  And it wasn't me.

And surprisingly, no one else in the house ordered it either.  :rolleyes:

When we finally got a confession, "he" said that his friends have been watching it and were talking about it at school and he wanted to watch it.

So he downloaded it onto his computer and watched it with his headphones on.  :-|

And now my sweet child knows what the "c" word means and what a drunk passed out at the bar looks like.  :-|

Gah.  I'm so not ready for the sneaking around and lying phase.  I'd like to skip over the next 10 years please.