Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Introducing Deak

Just for the non-children folks out there, occasionally I will introduce you to our friends.

I met Leslie several years ago (has it been that long?!) and I knew we were soul mates from the first time we talked. Ken actually had met her before I did and I remember him telling me that I had to meet this girl Deak (as she is also known) because we were exactly alike.

I knew that he was right as soon as I met her when she said that Ken had told her that we were exactly alike and my response was "why are you a bitch too?" and she replied without missing a beat "why yes I am!"

She's genuine. She's real. You get what you see. She's a friend to the end. She's unapologetic. She's awesome. She's just Deak.

We met her husband Josiah later on and he was just as much fun as her.

Love these two. They are our "perfect couple."

We enjoyed a rousing game of Rock Band on the Wii with Leslie playing the drums and Ken, ahem, singing vocals.

This is Deak at her best. I totally love the way that she corrects Shane and Owen (who are being brats by the way) without missing a beat.


This picture sums up the night. Such fun! :)

If you don't smile when you watch this video, I'm not sure if there is hope for you. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Sheldon is so shy in front of other people so when I heard that she auditioned for a solo part in the school play and got the role, I was super impressed with her. 1) Because she had to go through several auditions and 2) she hates to get up in front of people.

So when she was here this weekend, I asked her to sing her part for me. And she did.


Damn You Monday!

The good thing about having a six year old is that they can be sent to fetch things for you. And this is a good thing when it's 6:50 in the morning and you're trying to get out the door to catch a train that won't wait for you.

But the bad thing about a six year old fetching your things for you is that they are six. [i]And [/i] this six year old is a boy so he doesn't always follow directions to the letter and there's a 50/50 chance that he won't do what you ask him to do right the first time.

As was the case on this fine Monday morning when Ken sent Owen upstairs to fetch his shoes.

I got a text from Ken this morning that read "Owen brought me one of each shoe. Meh. LOL."

But...he didn't realize it until he was on the train. :p

LOFL. Yeah. That's a good one. Apparently I'm not the only blonde in the family.

But come on and be honest here. You've done that too, haven't you? Well, I'll be honest and say that I have. I wore a black heel and a blue heel to work one day and didn't realize it until I was in a meeting at work. Oops.

I guess that the moral of the story is that you get what you pay for. And you should double check Owen when you ask him to do something.

Damn you Monday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Is The Report That I Expected!!!

In the beginning of the school year, we really struggled to get Shane adjusted to fourth grade. He had so many visits to the school guidance counselor that I thought he had a crush on her.

He didn't. He just needed to talk to her because she said "stop by anytime you have something to talk about." So...he did. She was his personal counselor there for a few weeks.

And I'm pretty sure that the school nurse thought that he was a hypercondriac because he was in her office every day too. I think that his hair hurt one day. ;) Okay. That's an exaggeration. Or not. But I did get on a first name basis with the nurse.

He had this same adjustment issue in third grade. It's like putting on an old sock. A stinky old sock. So I had meetings with his regular teacher and the Focus teacher. We were concerned about him. His work was bad. BAD. He wanted to quit the Focus program because the "kids are so much smarter than me."

Basically what it boiled down to is he just has a hard time adjusting and settling down. He overthinks everything and things blow up into something that they shouldn't. He is hesitant to try new things because he doesn't like to fail. Oh. And he doesn't like to do any work that requires a little bit of effort on his part. That would be the lazy part of the equation.

During the meeting with his teachers I told them that that work that he was producing was subpar and he could do better and they just needed to sit on him and force him through this period (because he would just quit rather than challenge himself.) They thought I was being hard on him. I said that it's mode of operation and he would settle down and by the end of the year he would be a different child.

He has and I love it when I'm right.

And I love to get emails from the teachers with positive reports, such as the one below from one of his teachers about his work in robotics. Mr. P. is the engineer helping instruct the robotics class.

Mr. P really enjoyed working with Shane. He commented that Shane was very sharp. He even told me Shane's comment about a one wheel turn and the angle and time needed to make it happen as opposed to a two wheel turn. He said he could not believe a 4th grader would make such an insightful comment. Way to go, Shane! Ms. K

Way to go indeed. This is the work that I knew he was capable of in the beginning of school and this is why I would not accept the subpar "crap" that he was producing in the beginning of the year and the "I can't do it" attitude. Sometimes he just needs to be pushed out of his comfort zone.

I told Shane that he had his two years of freak out because I will not accept him freaking out next year in Fifth grade. I can hardly wait for middle school. Groan.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Blond Rides Again - Chapter XXII

Shane is doing a research project and had to type it up. It took him about 4 hours and I felt sorry for him so I typed the last paragraph or two for him. As such, I'm not sure if this is his blond moment or mine.

He took the paper to school and showed it to his teacher to review.

Or should I say "tit?"

Because that's what he/I typed instead of it.

Add a "t" and "it" becomes "tit."

Apparently our spell check recognizes the word because it didn't pick up on the incorrectly spelled word.

I can only imagine what the teacher thought. She just struck through the first "t" with a red marker. I'm sure that she got a good giggle out of tit.

Heck. It probably made her day.

It made mine.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday!

If you're battling the Mondaies today, take a look at this video. It's a fun song and I love the choreography. So simple. So fun. Happy Monday! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ta-Dah! 10!

That kid has his priorities straight that's for sure.

Owen came running across the living room with a big bowl of ice cream (which is another post all together!) and tripped and fell flat onto his face.

He jumped up as quickly as he could and threw his hands high in the air (like a gymnast who has just won a gold medal) and yelled "Don't worry mom. The ice cream is okay! I saved it!"

Before I can even ask him if he's okay, he adds "you should totally blog that, mom. I rock!"

Heh. Yes. Owen I will blog it. And yes. You do indeed rock. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caller ID - A Good Thing....Or Not

Caller ID is a feature well worth the money that we pay for every month. Seriously. How did we ever survive without it? If your number is "caller unknown" or "1-800-xxx", you go right to voicemail. If I'm in the middle of something, I can choose to answer it or not.

Well, the other day the phone rang. As always, I looked at the caller before picking it up. It was a local number and I recognized the name as one of the parents in Owen's classroom.

This is a parent whom I only know through school. Not a friend per se and not someone that I would talk to on the phone.

Given Owen's colorful history, I automatically go on the defense wondering what he's done this time. I took a deep breath and answered the phone.

OTHER MOM: This is so-and-so's mom from Owen's classroom.

ME: Deep breath. Oh...hi. How's it going?

I'm trying to make casual conversation before getting into the "I'm really sorry" part of the conversation that I just know is coming next.

OTHER MOM: Did Owen bring home his homework folder?

ME: What? No. I'm assuming that there isn't one coming since it's a short week.

OTHER MOM: Okay. Because this is the third week that so-and-so has forgot his folder and I wanted to check with you before I scolded him.

ME: Oh. Okay. Is that IT?


So, we chat for a few more minutes and I hang up the phone feeling a little guilty that I assumed that Owen did something wrong and had already plotted out his punishment.

In my defense, there is a history here. So, next time the phone rings from a classmates' mom, I'm not going to assume that he did something wrong.

Of course, that means that he will have done something wrong. Because that's the way it goes.

But I'm still thankful for caller ID. Even though I sometimes work myself up into a tizzy for nothing. Or maybe it's something. I guess I'll just have to pick up the phone and find out, won't I?

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Meaning Of A Single Word

I love listening to Shane and Owen's conversations. The conversations are even funnier when they are using a word that they really don't know but think that they do. But sometimes I sit there and wonder how in the heck they heard about such topics or words. I guess that they are more observant than I think.

Note to self: They just pretend to not be paying attention.

Anywho, they were having a conversation the other day about hookers. I know. I know. You don't need to think so scornfully of me that my 6 and 9 year old are talking about hookers. They don't really know what they are. They just think that they do.

Apparently the Shamwow guy got arrested for beating up a prostitute (aka - hooker) and Owen read it on Yahoo news on the internet with his cousin.

I'm not sure how their conversation started but I zoned in on it when they started arguing over the meaning of the word "hooker." The conversation went like this:

SHANE: Owen, you're SO stupid. A hooker is a guy who fishes. He catches the fish on hooks. Get it?

OWEN: It is NOT. It's the girl the Shamwow guy tried to kiss so she beat him up. Hookers are supposed to get kissed Shane.

SHANE: Owen, hookers aren't people who kiss. It is a guy who fishes. It's NOT a kisser, Owen.

OWEN: THEY ARE TOO, SHANE! I read the story on the internet at my cousin's house.

SHANE: You're stupid, Owen.

OWEN: I know what a hooker is Shane and it's NOT someone who fishes.

The back and forth went on for a while but Owen never backed down. Neither did Shane. And I just sat there with my mouth wide open. Because once again, they left me speechless at their antics.

If you're wondering, I didn't get into the conversation but I did ask them to change the topic. Because if I tell them what it means or show that the word is something that they shouldn't be discussing, they'll go to school saying it over and over and then I'll get a call from their classmates moms asking why my son taught their kid about hookers.

And then I'll have to explain to that parent that a hooker is just a fisherman and they need to get their mind out of the gutter. ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chess Anyone?

We are a gaming family. We love all kinds of board games, card games and just games in general. Ken grew up playing Chess with his dad and now he's teaching the boys how to play. Shane's pretty good and Owen's coming along.

But usually they will only play Chess with Ken. Never each other. Um. Hello. That is why we had two kids. Duh. But the day has finally come. Shane agreed to play Owen in chess.

Shane gets a little frustrated especially when Owen moves and captures his own piece but everyone has to learn. Ken finished up this game for Owen (shiny object, anyone?) but at least we have a break through. Hopefully Shane will continue to play Chess with Owen.

But, Shane better be careful because he's under estimating Owen. And one day Owen will beat Shane. And I guarantee you that it will not be because Shane let him win.

That is not in our family's genetics. If you win, you win fair and square. Just ask Ken. He'll tell you. ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The American Revolution: As Told By A 9 Year Old

Every parent has at times wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Every parent. That includes you. If it doesn't, we should trade children for a few days. I mean after all, why should I have all the fun?

Shane is doing a research project on Spying. As much as he wants to just focus on the Inspector Gadget type things, he has to relate his report to the curriculum. This year, they begin studying the American Revolution.

As part of his project, he has to interview an expert in the field of the project topic. He interviewed a gentlemen who worked for the CIA for 30 years. He is very knowledgable and so graciously spent about an hour talking to Shane (and Owen - what a joy that I do NOT want to relive!).

And as a DAR member, Shane and I talk about history a lot. Okay. I talk and he somewhat pretends to listen but I think it's important for kids to know their family history and how it's related to American history in general.

So we talked about General Washington's surprise attack on the British soldiers at Trenton on Christmas Eve. We talked about how the attack was planned because the Hessians would have been celebrating the holidays and not expecting the attack.

So when Shane was relaying the story to this unsuspecting gentleman, he took some liberties in re-telling the tale. It was sounding very good and he was relaying the information correctly. I was impressed that he actually was getting it correct. And proud.

Then he took a left turn and kept on going. Re-telling history in a way that kids would find interesting. He said that the attack was a surprise beause the soldiers weren't use to fighting on a holiday and had "gotten all liquored up to celebrate the holidays."

Yep. All liquored up.

I'm not sure where he got that from but I instinctly put my hand over my mouth. Okay. I kind of giggled. In a horrified way.

And mentally grabbed a shovel and started digging myself a hole to crawl into and hide.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Accomplishing Things...Or Not

If you read my blog, you know that I love comic strips. I love to read a strip and say "yes! I get it!" One strip that I can really relate to is For Better Or Worse, especially since the illustrator has reverted the family back to when the children were young.

I especially relate to the mom, Elly, and this particular strip has it all. Note:

1. She's a list maker and gets a great satisfaction from checking things off of the list. :)

2. She also mentally goes through her list and checks things off of it and smiles as she thinks about the things that she's crossed off of her list. Yeah. Me too. :)

3. But (and there's ALWAYS a but) no matter how many things she checks off the list, 15 other things either jump onto it or she has simply traded one thing on the list for another. :(

Accomplishments are so fleeting but she enjoys them even if it's for one brief moment. After all, you have to take them when you can get them. :)

4. Well, I'll let the state of her house speak for itself. :)

So, are YOU Elly? I'm betting that if you're a mom (no matter what stage you're at), you will read this strip and see yourself. If you don't, particularly with the messy house, can we change families for a few days? ;)