Sunday, June 28, 2009

What A Weird Little Kid

I'm not sure where these kids get their weirdness from. There are so many sources of DNA that I could choose from. In an effort to kill some time at Owen's doctor's appointment, Shane asked me to video him.

This is what I got. :p


Friday, June 26, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

For Ken's Aunt Liz, here's some videos of Shane and Owen's tennis.

Since the boys are both taking tennis, we've been watching some of the tournaments on TV lately. Last night we ate dinner at a pizza place and the waitress said that the boys could watch whatever they wanted on the TV.

Owen asked her if they could turn it to the "Wimpleton" news. lol


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stupid Kids

The picture says it all. Haha. Kids. Gotta :heart: them!

Check out the ghetto job I did on wrapping his cast. lol. I rock!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's About Time!

I guess it's about time. I was tired of looking at the builders landscaping. It's been 8 years after all. I'm sure our neighbors are glad to not live beside Sanford and Son (minus the junk of course -- that's hidden in our carport.)

I give you one way to stimulate the economy. As a bonus, it's a big check off my list!


Just in case you couldn't see the bushes in front of the house. Bad I know.

And after...

I LOVE Sunflowers and it looks like all of the seeds that I planted have taken root. They should be flowering in about another month.

I went a little nuts with the potted plants this year since last year I didn't get any because we were gone for July. Yay color!

Everyone should have a tacky little yard ornament. This is mine. Selected by Shane at Big Lots. :up:

More mammoth Sunflowers. Sadly, a few strategically placed ones didn't make it but I think that these will provide coverage of the area nicely. Notice the wind chimes. I love them so.

Another Sunflower bed. I told you...I love sunflowers!

Knockout roses...

The best part of putting in the new landscaping is that it has drawn butterflies, bumblebees and different birds to the yard. Yay!

Owen says that this butterfly is a Painted Lady. He said they grew them in class.

And what's a front porch without some ferns?

Okay. No. I take it back. The BEST part about the new landscaping and flowers is the front porch! Definitely!

8 years in the making....the backyard is next. ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

I was reminded yet again today what you had to go through while we were growing up and just what you did to keep the peace, and more probably, survive with two teenage girls and a wife doing battle in the house.

And I was reminded today because while doing laundry, I went to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer and I opened up the dryer to a full load of dried items.

Oops. I forgot to fold the towels.

And then I was reminded how mean mom was and made us do our laundry. And, being the selfish kids that we were, we absolutely hated to do it. So, we'd humor her and throw them in the washer.

At then we'd leave them in the washer until they were moldy and had to be washed again. But instead of yelling at us, or probably more accuratedly not wanting to listen to mom yell at us, you'd sigh heavily (I'm sure) and then move to the dryer and then would fold them and put them in our rooms.

Just to keep the peace.

So, thanks dad. I hope you have a great Father's Day! You deserve it because without you, let's face it, mom probably would have killed us.

But...there is sweet justice for you because now I am the only girl in a house of boys. And you know exactly what that means! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Birds and The Bees - Part II

I've blogged here recently about Shane's peaked interest in the birds and the bees. Shane's starting to really ask questions.

Readers of my blog may remember his story about a friend who told me that "she's going to have sex with her pony so they can have babies."

If you don't remember that one, you may remember the little gem where his most recent worry that he and his friend were having sex if they shared a granola bar.

Parenting does have it's amusing moments, doesn't it? Those amusing moments are what gets you through the real life parenting moments.

Such as when you have to have the "real" conversation with your child about the birds and the bees. You know the one. The talk that doesn't entail the stork delivering your baby under a cabbage patch.

Well, a few weeks ago, Ken decided to have "the talk." I told Shane that I would be happy to answer questions but he told me it was a "man to boy" talk that I wouldn't understand. :p

So Ken made an appointment with Shane. And Shane held him to it. Reminding him every day that Sunday was the day. Like Ken could have forgotten, right?! So they went to Friendly's Ice Cream parlor for lunch and Ken told him everything.

Ugh. I didn't think he'd go into that much detail, but whatever. It's not my arena. As Shane reminded me many times. And later after Ken told me what the conversation was, I understood why Shane wouldn't look at me when he got home.

Ken was proud of himself for being honest and probably relieved to have the conversation over with I'd imagine. Or at least I would have been. And Shane was happy that he finally knew what it meant.


His PE class had their family life class a few days before school let out. Shane was really worried about it for some reason. (Why...I don't know. I'm sure that they wouldn't go into near the details that Ken did.)

So right before he left for school, he came up to me and said he needed to know if he and his girlfriend could get pregnant by sharing a glass of tea.


Okay. I guess that he wasn't as traumatized by his conversation with Ken as I was.

And I guess that Ken's not done educating Shane on the birds and the bees yet. He just *thought* he was!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Day Of Summer Break!

It's the first day of summer break.

The kids were up and dressed for tennis lessons by 6:50.

I didn't ask them to be up at 6:50. :-|

But I did ask them to get dressed before they came down. :up:

Unfortunately, it's raining and tennis was cancelled. :?

Ah. And thus begins the "I'm bored" part of the equation.

All on the first day of summer. :p

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ken!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Ken!

And, yay you for reaching your goal! 40 pounds in 6 months!

You little hawtie. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Hooker, Part II

We're watching an old episode of Friends and Phoebe's half-brother was visiting New York City and said that he wanted to go and take a picture of a hooker for his friend.

Shane: What's a hooker again?

Owen: It's one of those women who wear a little shirt but that's all I know.

Owen: Maybe Chandler will tell me the rest.

I guess Shane never figured out that a hooker wasn't a fisherman. lol

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flip It Back & Reverse It

If you're a parent, you know what this phrase means. You may not realize that you do. But, you do.

It's when you start out your day (and it's usually a Monday) with a long to-do list of things that you're going to accomplish that day. You're full of energy and you have the drive necessary to accomplish it.

And then something happens with the children and completely flips your day upside down and you end up having to put everything into reverse and absolutely nothing on your to-do list gets accomplished.

Let's take yesterday for example.

Instead of volunteering in the school and returning things to seven different stores (that's not an exaggeration!) and running other miscelleous errands, I ended up visiting three different doctors offices with Owen and his broken finger.

And I'm not counting the fourth doctor visit of the day, his eye doctor, which was already planned.

Well, I guess with two boys, I'm lucky that this is the first broken anything that we've had.

And I guess that he's learned a lesson about playing Monkey In The Middle (or rather not being the Monkey in the Middle) with a hard ball.

And yay! Just in time for summer.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Payback. Sweet Payback.

The older that your kids get, the more that they participate in functions where it is all them and once they are on stage, you absolutely have no control.

It is what it is and they do what they will do.

And no matter how much you want to go up and pull them off the stage - twisting their ear along the way - you are just a spectator in it just like all of the other (hundreds) of people.

I give you one of those moments.

And another one of those moments.

Oh yeah. I have about ten other pictures of Shane doing the same thing. The first time I laughed. The second and subsequent ten times, I sank further and further down into my seat wishing that I had the proverbial shovel to dig myself a hole to crawl into and hide.

Well. It's not like it was the Spring Concert where all of the parents, grandparents and community was invited to watch.

Oh. Wait. Yes it was.

And, I hear you laughing and saying to yourself that this is sweet, sweet payback.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Mondaies

Someone has a bad case of the Mondaies.

Owen got up this morning at 6:30, shuffled over to me and with the saddest little face asked if it was Monday. When I said yes, his face got even sadder and he said "I HATE MONDAYS!" and looked like he was going to cry.

Funny that even a 6 year-old has zoned in on how sucky Mondays are.

Mondays. Ugh.

And I'm not even sure how to spell "the mondaies." Mondays. Mondaies. Anyway you spell it = ugh!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Is It Tradeable?

I usually pack the kids lunch making sure that I balance it out with healthy foods and some sweets. They are kids afterall and Shane (especially) complains loudly that the other kids get "good things" to eat. Things like twinkies and cupcakes and fruit rollups.

Fine. As long as you eat the good things I pack for you, I'll be happy to pack you some junk. Okay. Not happy but I'll do it. Real junk. Not things made with veggies hidden in them. Okay. That's not entirely true either but I usually pack cookies or a mini-moon pie or something to appease the boy.

So when I asked him this morning whether he wanted strawberries or blueberrries today, he said that he wanted strawberries. I was surprised (because he likes blueberries more than strawberries) and pressed him further on his selection.

He replied that strawberries were more tradeable than blueberries but if no one would trade them, he can more easily just give them away.

insert big groan and sigh

So much for my well planned out, balanced lunches. I guess at least he was honest. And truthfully I really can't say much because we did the same thing when I was in fourth grade. I remember that poor kid whose mom packed carrots never had a trade no matter what he added to the trade to sweeten the deal.

I guess that some things never change.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Sure Some Crazy Weather We're Having

The weather the last few days has been craaazzzyyyyy. I'm pretty sure that no one in Fredericksburg got any sleep two nights ago because it was raining so hard and was thundering and lightening like mad. And it just kept going for hours.

And then it did a repeat performance yesterday. With torrential downpours, hail, sunshine, thunder and some lightening thrown in for good measure.

Think I'm exaggerating? Think again.

Did I mention the hail?

It was pouring down rain and sunny as all get out.

Most people are sick of the rain but I'm loving it. My plants are loving it. And it makes it easier to pull the weeds out of the flower beds. Of course, it makes the weeds grow faster too but that's okay.

A full river is definitely better than the draught we had a few years back!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Niiiiiiccccceeeee, Owen!

Niiiiccccceeeee one, Owen.

Could you have possibly have said it a little louder? I don't think that the doctor in the room with the closed door heard you.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure he's the only one that didn't hear you ask me in your loudest whisper if the person who walked up to the counter three feet away from us was a boy or a girl.

And it sure didn't help that the dad sitting right next to us busted out laughing.

And once again, I wanted to dig a hole and crawl in it.

And for the record, the person was a girl, Owen. your defense, it was hard to tell. I guess I just thought it.

But you said it. In your loudest whisper that could have been heard two miles away. ;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Student Of The Month

The kids have one student of the month for each class who is voted on by their classmates. Owen came home and said that he was up for dependability this month but tied with his friend and they had to go to a tie break vote.

Evidentially one of his friends looked up during the voting and cost Owen the election and his friend won. I said that it sounded not fair to Owen and asked him if he was upset or if he said anything to his teacher.

He replied that he didn't say anything. When I asked him why, he responded "it wasn't worth it." (His exact words.) Pressing him further, he said that it was just a breakfast and he didn't think that it was worth getting everyone upset over.

Wow. That's very grown up of you, Owen. You should get the award for cool kid. :up: