Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Every. Stinking. Day.

Every.  Single.  Day.  

This is my morning routine.

Push in the couch cushions.  

Pick up the pillows and blankets off the floor.

And refold all the blankets. 

Every.  Stinking.  Day.

Sometimes 3 times a day.  

The weekends drive me bonkers.

But I suppose it is fair play.  Usually the moms curse comes into play but in this one, I'm sure my dad is laughing his butt off.  

Because I distinctly remember him folding all the blankets in the house over and over.

And mumbling the entire time..."I hope you have one just like you!"

Well dad.  I have three paybacks and I'm constantly folding their stupid blankets.

Stop laughing!  

And remove the curse!

Boys, I hex you children just like you one day that they never know how to fold a blanket.

And I'm going to laugh at you!  

Just like my dad is laughing at me.  lol

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