Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Marching Band

When Shane waffled this summer on whether he wanted to do marching band, I insisted that he do it for a year.  Ken and I disagreed about whether we should make him.  He didn't want to make him and I did.  

I'm not usually one to push the boys to do things they don't want to do but this time I insisted.

His reasoning was that he didn't want to spend his birthday at marching band practice.  Instead of practicing from 8-5, he wanted to sleep late and lounge.  Because it was his birthday, you know.  :D

Yeah.  That's not a good reason.

I knew he'd have a great time.  I was on color guard growing up and I loved it.  I loved the games, the competitions, the band trips (Mardi Gras was off the hook) and yes, even the practices.

So he amused us and he stuck with it.

And he's glad he did.  He is going to add the baritone sax to his repertoire of instruments I addition to the bass clarinet so that he can march with either next year.

He's made some really great friends.

His girlfriend is in the percussion.

I made some of new friends volunteering in the concessions stands.

Marching band may be known as geeks but is a fun thing for the kids and parents to be involved in during high school.

Making great friends, awesome memories and keeping the kids busy in the process.

That's what it's all about!

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ginny said...

Plus it gives mom and dad something to do every Friday night during football season to say nothing of band competition! Wouldn't trade those memories for nothing!