Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Just Don't Get It

Shane stayed after school last night so he could participate in a marching band performance at a rival high school.  I sent him with $3 so that he could get pizza with the other kids who were staying after.

That's him in the front blue coat on the 32 yard line.  

The county sponsored it as a way to raise money and get food donations for the local good bank.  The stands were full!

Anywho, I picked Shane and two of his friends up after.  Shane asked if they could go to Chic Fil A for dinner.

I told him no.  It was 10:35 pm already.

He said he was hungry because he didn't eat.

I reminded him that he ate pizza.

He said no he didn't.  He did have a taco tho.

UNCOOL MOM:  Oh.  Did they order tacos instead?

OFFENDING CLULESS TEENAGER:  No.  They ordered pizza.  I just went to Taco Bell with <insert name of random teenage driver>.

UCM:  UGH.  For real?

OCT: Yeah.  What's the problem?  You trust <insert it doesn't matter.>

UCM:  Well.  I don't want you going off riding with other kids.  Plus I need to know where you are at.

OCT:  Well.  That's just stupid.  I didn't even think about calling or asking you.  Why do you care where I am?  I wasn't suppose to be home anyway.

UCM:  Um.  Because I said so.  I don't care if you understand it or not.  That's the rule.  

OCT:  Well.  That's just stupid.


OCT:  Can I have your m&m's?

UCM:  No.  But here Erin.  You can have them.  Boys are stupid.  

(She was just complaining to her brother that he wasn't doing what he was suppose to do.  As I said.  Boys are stupid).

Sometimes I just don't understand the teenage mind.

All I can say is...teenagers...sheesh.

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