Monday, July 27, 2009

The Moon or Mars?

Where does he come up with this stuff? Seriously.

Shane came into the backroom a few minutes after I put him to bed and asked me whether I would rather live on the moon or on Mars. Before I could even answer, he started telling me about the differences in the two climates and where they were positioned in the solar system.

WAY more information that I knew about them might I add.

I asked him why he was thinking about all of this and he replied that we're going to have to "move somewhere else because of what humans were doing to the planet --- pollution and all that."

He said that he would rather live on Mars than on the moon.

Then his bottom lip started quivering.

I've seen this look before and I asked him why he was going to cry.

His response was because at least on Mars, there are different climates and they have found plant life so we could probably sustain ourselves.

But the main reason that he didn't want to move off of earth was because we would have to wear spacesuits and he would never be able to snuggle again or touch another human. And it would be very sad if he could never snuggle again.

How sad is that? Kinda sweet too.

And why was he even thinking about that? Night is a time for him to think. It's when he does his best thinking. The flip side is that he usually freaks himself out.

Is this kid really 9 (going on 10 in a few weeks!) What 9 year old thinks about things like this?



June said...

Skye used to have crying fits at that age, because at night time she would always be afraid that she was going to die in her sleep. Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the climate hysterics for making a nine year old cry.

Ken said...

I'd go to venus, cause that's where the women are from.

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