Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kim vs. The Weeds

I'm tired of getting hate mail from our Home Owners Association.

Yes. I know. I know.

I know that we don't cut our grass until the children are lost in it and by the time that we do, as I'm cutting it, there are butterflies flying out of the grass out the path of the blades.

Our neighbor is a yard work fanatic and his yard looks good.

But, I don't care and I'm not in a competition with him.

Unfortunately, we got another love note from the HOA about our ditches so I decided that it was time to cut the grass again.

I cut it yesterday and when I went to weed eat, I couldn't get the weed eater started. Neither could one of my neighbor's dads so I didn't feel so bad.

So, this morning after I walked with my friend Emily, I asked her if she could get it started. She does their yard work so I figured that she would have better ruck.

She picked it up and started it on the first pull and then giggled at me as she handed it to me.

So, I set off to weed eating the ditches and around the front of the house.

My intent was to do the whole yard but I only ended up doing what the HOA narcs could see because my arms were about to fall off.

That was two hours ago and my arms are still vibrating. I can barely fix my hair (which I have to because I have a PTA meeting tonight) because my arms hurt so bad. Maybe I'll do the minimum amount of make up necessary to not scare people.

And, I'm surely done typing today because it's painful to hold my hands up to type.

Yes. I know I'm pathetic.

The next letter will be from the HOA complaining that I cut big chunks of the yard with the weed eater.'s not pretty but I got the ditches done and the mail lady can once again put mail in our box without getting attached by weeds.

Come on winter....


Queen of her Castle said...

Don't you just love those HOA's. As if there aren't worse problems than tall grass. I say wear a hat to the meeeting. All the moms will think you are setting a new trend. LOL!


Queen of her Castle said...

Oh one more thought. Maybe you should just put rocks down instead of grass. Then you wouldn't have to mow. LOL!

Erin said...

HOA = mom & dad
I used to mow the yard at very specific angles - the angles that mom & dad could see as they pulled in & out of the driveway.

It worked out quite well until it was my brother's turn to mow & parts of the law were 3 feet tall.